Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Crafts

What can I say? When I was big into swapping, I swear I tried almost every thing at least once. As you can tell by some of my previous posts I have been digging through some of my craft stuff..spring cleaning I guess and found some of my projects. Above, is one of my Dotee Dolls and I have to say she is my favorite. I like her funky hair, sassy smile,and hand embroidery. What makes her a Dotee Doll? They all have a top hanger and a bottom tail/tassel. Her face is original to me, done with felt and free hand embroidery & her hair is yarn that Ive stitched in place and styled. There are a ton of interpretations for this type of doll and are frequently swapped between crafters. Ive quit swapping things like this since I dont really have extra storage room for collections and things that sit around, but they are fun to make and get creative with.
The second picture is an altered domino...they are addictive! I had color every where. It has a few steps to it, and I found it took some practice. There are some really great designs out there...Ive made a few cool ones for swapping or thank you's for other crafters, but for the most part I never quite got to the level I wanted. So I was happy just to dabble for a while.

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