Monday, March 26, 2012

Wow! Really?

I have this knack of putting things in a "safe" place and not finding them again for a few years. Im not sure how its come about that I have this talent, but its very frustrating! I lost one of my favorite rings (claddagh) & found it 3 yrs later. The matching ring in silver I got my daughter for her 16th birthday was also put in a "safe" place and she turned 20 this year. Still looking for that one! One of my cross stitch projects in progress has gone missing now too. Pattern, floss, everything! Ugh! So I guess its no wonder that I found this cross stitch that I finished for a friends wedding gift 18 yrs late.LOL I swear I thought I sent it along in the post but SURPRISE! Yes, that does sound like some thing I would do, but 18yrs late is even a bit much for me. The good news is they are still happily married and together, so maybe she will like it for their upcoming anniversary & be just as surprised as I was ...

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