Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Wreath

Wow, usually Im not quite this early with the spring stuff, but its so nice outside I couldnt resist.
Its only March and it will be high 70's to 80 all this week. A lot of my plants have been coming up for a couple of weeks now. Ive already dug out all my porch stuff & rehung the swing too.(That might sound easy,but you should see my basement.)
I must have gotten my craftyishness on today(haha say that 5times fast)...besides getting my rattan ball lights done, I have also made my new spring wreath. After hanging an older one that I made, I decided it looked pretty haggard & faded. Found all the flowers & ribbon at Dollar Tree, just needed to go pick up a straw wreath for the base. Not a bad days work.

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