Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Is Here...

Got motivated enough to dig out some fall decorations and enjoy the weather outside. This is my favorite season. Love the cooler weather, beautiful colors, activities & hot tea/mulled ciders. Knitting on the porch is also one of my favorites...I usually cuddle up with a blanket on the swing and just enjoy it all. My son and I used to light the candles,  make popcorn ,and play board games at night out on the porch table. Its been a while for that though. I havent given up hope, maybe he will give in and enjoy it again this year. I blame xbox! Im no where near being a gamer, so I still tend to like the old fashion games, Chinese checkers, Sorry, card get the picture. Any way, it will soon be time to carve the pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds. Both my kids are a little old for Halloween these days, but they still like all the treats that come along with the season=) Happy Fall!
I hat the little witch hat in my box of decorations...thought it would be adorable on Khloe, but as you can tell by the look on her face she was having no part of it!

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