Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Tea & Postcard Swap


( Below:Sent )

I received another wonderful package of teas and a postcard from Poland in the mail yesterday! I never tire of receiving some thing special from a friend and a kind word to go with it, She sent me a beautiful postcard of Herceg Novi, which she visited on vacation. Looks like a dream! She also sent along some nice teas. My mouth waters just reading the flavors. Caramelized Pear, Chocolate Mint, Cherry Banana & my first flowering tea! I can not wait to try that!! Its been on my to do list for a long time. Another pleasant surprise she included was a little mini poster of her favorite book..."On the Road", which has recently been made into a movie. I plan on looking it up, I never have to many books on my reading list, and yes, most of the time I actually read books my friends recommend for me. Whether they are action, kids books, romance, sci-fi, Im willing to at least give them a try.

(Above:) I've handmade my envelope and got my teas and postcard ready to send in the post Monday. The envie didnt take long to make at all. I used a pre-made envie for the pattern and chose fall/.halloween colors. Had fun picking out the paper pattern and stickers. Used ink to accent the edges and a roller stamp for the tree design on the bottom of the envie.

Fun Note: I know there are three spellings for the word "whether" which I used above, but I had to look it up just to be sure I used the right one. I knew it wasnt "weather" (outside conditions) so I just had to pick from the other two spellings and ya know what I found ....."Whether" (as in whether or not) was correct, so I guessed right the first time, but the second spelling of choice "wether" is a castrated sheep...Good To Know!

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