Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintage vs. Modern

This isnt my normal type of post, but I had to share. Today we stopped by the gas station on the way home from school & my son grabbed a soda while we were there. No big deal right? We didnt give it a second thought. Once we got home he brought it to me and said he couldnt get it open. He usually opens things for me, so I was surprised. We got out the rubber jar lid gripper and tried to twist it off--
that didnt work....strike one. Once we figured out it wasnt a twist cap like all the others, we started digging around for the bottle opener I knew I had stashed some where. After cleaning out the whole utensil drawer we found it. Yes, now weve got it ...nope that didnt work either, strike two. The cap was to large for the opener. So we started looking for where dad would have stashed his Leatherman ( one of those tools that has all the gadgets on it), shoot, he has it at work with him. Ok, now we are both annoyed! I walked over to my neighbors figuring she would have a bottle opener, the kind that had the point on it and ....they werent home, strike three. Of course, by now we are laughing about it, and Im still digging around the kitchen for "some thing" that will work. Finally, I found it! My grandma's vintage bottle opener...its a wicked looking thing, but it worked!!! Im not even sure how to use all the parts on it, but it looks like my grandma has used it for many things over the years. This was my first time using it...but from now on I will keep it in mind for all those little unusual tasks. I have to say that my grandma's gadget won hands down! Goes to show they dont make 'em like they used too!! My grandma would have gotten a good laugh! I miss her!

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