Saturday, May 23, 2009

In the Garden

These are the Siberian iris' I won at the garden club bingo a couple of years ago. I started out with one and they have finally spread and taken off. I was surprised at how they flourished this year! I've only been gardening for a few years --this being my fourth year actually. The local gardening clubs are a great place to get a variety of plants for a fraction of the cost. Especially for those just starting out. When all this started for me I wasn't sure my green thumb would be able to keep things prosperous and growing even though the desire was there. So its wonderful to share your knowledge and plants with someone willing to give it a try. Since then, when I'm able to divide my more hardy plants I swap them with neighbors and friends. We can each add new things to our gardens and get advice when needed. I look forward to the garden club bingo every year! Wondering what spectacular new plants I will come home with. Each spring I have a new surprise to look forward too. Always renewing after a long winter.

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