Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful! It was really nice to just hang out with my mom and family.The lilacs and iris are all in bloom (early it seems). Perfect weather for a holiday.My mom made my favorite old fashioned sugar pie...Hmmm.(Once or twice a year wont hurt...shhh).

April and May are very busy months for us, lots of birthdays,holidays,school functions,yearly vet visits and graduations.Shew--I can barely keep up! As soon as things calm down I do have plans to work on my crafts, finish my knit shaw, and start this big cross stitch kit .The cross stitch pattern will be a challenge! Its on 18 count navy aida (which is small for me) and has 2 large pages for the pattern.I think the biggest challenge is just getting it started. Even though I have been putting it off, Im excited about this project.It will be a WIP for some time. Its a picture of a three story victorian house. I just fell in love with it!! I know it will take me forever and a day to finish, but I look forward to having it framed and hung in my living room:) Wish me luck keeping it all straight!
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