Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine...(Yoyo Dotee)

This little gal is made up of a number of colorful fabric yoyo's.The challenge was a yoyo creation. The idea for her was based on the dotee doll,which always has a hanger and a tail (beads at the bottom).Her face is felt,and since she doesnt actually have a doll body,it was sewn to another yoyo then backed with a speckled flower. She is mini size so about 4 inches. Usually the yoyo's are turned under and gathered in the middle,but I prefer the raw edges (raggedy) look so I dont really do that step to mine. I do use fray block to prevent it from coming apart. It dries clear and flexable so does not alter the fabric in any unseamly way. I love the look of yoyo's as well as the fact that they are fast and easy to make.

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