Monday, June 4, 2012


This was the very first afghan Id ever made. It was right after Lion Brand had come out with their line of Homespun yarns. No pattern, it was all done in front & back post crochet stitch throughout. Its very warm, but a little more stretchy than I had in mind.

This pink little cutie was knit by my mom for me when I was little. Sweet hu? I remember having this in my room for years. Can you believe I had hot pink carpet?

This is the ripple afghan my Great G'ma made for my 16th birthday. Its a little warn and has been loved through the years...ya see that straight edge?

This Christmas granny square afghan was a gift from my cousin Heidi one year for the holidays=) Even though I can crochet I enjoy receiving handmade gifts. Besides, I had absolutely no idea how to do granny squares back then and am only now figuring it out!

Ive put these away some time ago to keep down the wear and tear. My guys are so rough on things. When I caught my hubby sticking his big toe between the spaces of my first afghan and pushing to get it down over his feet that decided it! LOL. Its probably a good thing he doesnt read my blog =)

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