Friday, June 15, 2012

Granny Square Swaps for June

Ive come along way since I first started making granny squares. With practice they have become much much neater.. I now know the gauge needed for the sizes Im making and have adjusted to a smaller hook (G). Im also proud to say the back is just as neatly done as the front too.
I only have three swaps to do for granny squares this month unless some private ones get added on to my list. I will be adding the third once partners are assigned. The colors are senders choice, but we always try to go by what they have listed as color preferences on their profile page.
So Ive done one set in pinks and purples & the others in what I call "diner" colors. Im off to get these in todays post... Happy Swapping!

I added the third set of swap squares ... One of the swap participants likes flowers & the other had no preferences, so I decided to do summery colors.

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