Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Judge Jacob Gale Estate circa 1838

My mom kept telling me there was some thing she wanted to show me the next time we went to down town Peoria. She was sure I would just love it. So, today we finally got the chance to stop here on the way to the Farmer's Market. She was right, I did love it! Who knew this charming little oasis was hidden among the business district. I'd been near there a hundred times and have never seen this. I do like the Judge's house (top picture) which would have been a mansion back in the day, but my favorite is the carriage master's/conductor's house. Very Charming, Id take it any day! Ive always had a thing for old original brick sidewalks & streets too. The streets here are long gone, but the paved sidewalks on the estate are still there and look to be in pretty good condition. The last photo is of what was the carriage house, but Im sure it looks nothing like the original did except maybe the front entrance.

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