Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walnut Street Tea Co.

Ive passed this shop a couple of times, but its always been after hours. Finally today, I got there early enough for a visit. They have all kinds of goodies! I loved it! When you walk through the door it smells heavenly. All the tea and coffee aromas greet you like an old friend. I picked up some ginger peach tea Ive been looking for and found a gorgeous big mug, and a couple of spoon rests/tea bag holders. They have any thing and every thing you could possibly want to go with your tea. My son likes to have a cuppa with me every now and then so it works out great. We like to try all the different flavored teas, but we still have our favorite comfort teas. Blackberry Sage & Orange Spice are my favorites while my son likes the Blood Orange and Cinnamon & Gingerbread Spice (all black teas we like them strong.) There are days when a cuppa and five minutes R & R is just what you need to hit the spot.
Downtown Champaign is very quaint. Lots of nice shops, cafes and art. I enjoyed the afternoon.

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