Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Biscornu

 (Above:) finished original pattern

I added some of my own decorative stitching to the original pattern, between the leaves and on the corner flowers.

Finished top & bottom pieces

Finished Biscornu!!

Bottom of biscornu

Uh-Oh she sees it ...

shes going for it... and Yes, she is faster than Mom...

Happy & cuddling with what she thinks is her new toy...

Awww...and mom takes it. Sorry Khloe maybe next time =)

I haven't done a cross stitch swap for a while now...since last winter, I think. I have noticed this time that stitching is not as easy for me as it used to be. Hard on the eyes! I am by no means a senior, but I have to wear my glasses regardless. I also have one of those natural lighting lamps used for stitching which also helps lessen the strain.

For this swap you can make any thing cross stitch, key chain charm, cards, scissor fobs etc...so I decided to stick with what I know and make another biscornu, which can be used as a pin cushion, a Christmas ornament, or both. This is a free pattern on the net, and again I found it on Pinterest. (I couldn't find the original link for this one, but would be happy to include it in my post if any one knows it.)
I didnt like the original shade of yellow used in the pattern, so I substituted it with DMC color # 742. It was stitched on Oatmeal colored 14-count aida. This design is 57x57, but I wanted a blank row between the edging and the design so mine is 59x59. I did add some of my own decorative stitches to the original pattern,   between the leaves and on the corner flowers. For the bottom, I trimmed the square with the stem pattern of the larger flowers & used the same pattern as the front middle square to finish it. Both are on the original pattern.

During this project is when my cat (Khloe) discovered that the floss moves when Im stitching. I had been stitching on it for a couple of days, but apparently it didnt really catch her attention till last night. It was getting late and I had been determined to get as close to finished as I could. So, while I was finishing up the row I was working on I got thoroughly pounced! She is so fast! We havent been cat owners for long, but the surprises never end. She was so intent on watching the floss as I made my last stitches our dog Olie managed  to sneek up behind her. He was proud Im sure. After the excitement we were all ready for bed.

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  1. Thank you for this article and for the pictures , it is very beautiful like your little cat..