Sunday, October 21, 2012

Franken Dotee Doll

I made this Franken Dotee Doll one year for Halloween.Yep, he is an original. I was going to swap him, but I liked him so much I decided to keep him. There are hundreds of versions of dotee dolls ... shaped bodies, straight or tube like bodies, whatever the maker prefers. Its like an art doll. They can have a theme or be all occasion. From my understanding, to be a dotee it will have a body with a face, hanger, and a tail (no arms or legs) and is usually between 3 to 7 inches. Each maker usually comes up with a face and /or hair style they like to make as their own trademark. On the other dotees Ive made I love adding wild and crazy hair styles. Lots of room for creativity.
The body of this one is made of felt and accented with left over scraps of fabrics that I thought went with the Halloween theme.I usually hand sew the bodies-- no machine. His face was done with free hand embroidery and the hanger and tail are made of Halloween colored ribbons. The tails are usually embellished, so I used beads that I already had on hand. Some of them even glow in the dark!

 Little Miss Mummy Dotee  same concept and theme ...Halloween.

These are some of the dotee dolls I have received in swaps. I love seeing all the bead work, colors, designs & embroidery. Its just fun to see what others come up with. There isn't really a purpose besides the fun of it all and the creativity. Some crafters collect them. I've seen photos where some one has even decorated bare branch mini trees with them for Christmas, and it was adorable! Any little girl would love it! I just did mine for the fun, but I do have some favorites. Its good to challenge yourself now and then too.

Heidi also made me a Kitty Dotee when we adopted Khloe our cat. Too Cute!! I love handmade gifts!

This is one of the all occasion dotees that Ive made, and I have to say that she is my favorite so far! She's so sassy!
I have posted this one before, but instead of going back through all my posts I thought it would be easier for any one interested in dotees to see the different styles all together. These are just examples of a few ....if you search "dotees" there will be many many images=)

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