Friday, October 12, 2012

This Cozy House

 I saw where some one mentioned on their blog that they like to see before and after photos of home projects....which got me thinking that I have never posted the make-over pictures of our house. I made a scrapbook of the changes. It was mostly cosmetic, even though we had hopes of more, but I am happy with what has been done so far. This was a few years ago, but I am still proud of the progress. We originally had the old metal crank open windows which were embedded in the walls. They were replaced with new tilt-in windows  & had deep new window seals made for the interior,new front door, roof, new siding and trim, full length porch with can lights and a special support beam for the swing.
 Before the make-over the front yard had two huge trees. Loved the shade, but it always looked dark in the yard and house regardless of how sunny it was outside. Grass was impossible to grow no matter what we tried, which made a muddy mess every winter. At one point the tree in front of the kitchen started causing problems with the plumbing. The roots were growing into the pipes. This was the tree we had removed. I hated to see it go, but I wanted to head off any future problems. We had the yard sodded and a small retaining wall added so no more of our yard would wash away. The city added a front sidewalk about a year after we worked on the house. Its not a mansion, but its home.
 I used to walk pass this house daily in my childhood. It was on my way to school and church. It was also on my paper route when I was a kid. I never in a million years thought that one day I would live here. I had only been in the house once back then. What drew me to it was how cozy it was on the inside, and I loved the fireplace. Years later, I noticed it went up for sale, so we went through the open house. It was still as cozy as I remembered, it just needed a personal touch. We have lived in this house now for almost 20 yrs. and we are still working on the inside one room at a time.
Hopefully, the kitchen will be next on the fixer upper list=)

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