Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I used to love taking my kids Tricker Treating, and now that they are to older, I miss it. My son did go with me tonight on a Halloween walk to look at the decorations and costumes. I didn't want to miss all the excitement. There is a historical street in our town that every one used to flock to for Halloween. Crowds of kids and parents all dressed up flooded the sidewalks.Tonight there were small crowds, but not like when my kids were little. I remember it used to take close to an hour just to walk three blocks.
When we were all done we walked back to the car and headed for home. We turned on our street, and right on the side of the road stood this lone female...just standing there. It must have been how the car lights shined on her, cause my son and I both screamed ....she looked just like the girl from "The Ring" movie. Scared us both! Since she was standing on the corner of my moms front yard, we decided to drive around the block, but she was already gone. It was that fast. We thought we'd go look for a few more decorations and call it a night,again. Then, we saw the same girl ,with her boyfriend this time, walking down the street. The funny thing was they were not even dressed in costumes!
That was the creepiest thing we saw all night ...and yes, I went home and called to check on my mom =)

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