Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coffee Bean Stitch Markers

Looks decaf to me! What more can you ask for? These are perfect for all my upcoming projects!

I ordered these & did not receive them to my disappointment:( I have had others message me that since seeing my post here they have also ordered them. I have no idea if they received theirs or not. Unfortunately when I messaged the lady that I never received them... she told me I probably had and lost them or "misplaced" them. When I was adamant on the fact they never made it here she told me she would not resend because she would be out the money......the fact is Im not so well off that I can waste money either.I thought that attitude sucked for a "business"person & have learned my careful what you order on the net. Ive never had trouble ordering from anyone else on Etsy so Im hoping that was the only bad apple. (StarrlightJewelry)

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