Saturday, June 12, 2010

Toulon, Illinois 6-12-10

Above: I'm learning how to spin yarn on a Turkish drop spindle. This was my first time ever and was thrilled that the vendors were so gracious and eager to teach. I actually enjoyed it very much and wasnt to bad for my first time. So, guess whats going on my Christmas list for this year=)

These were the other spinners demonstrating...they were so quick and practiced with it! A real treat to watch.

Ok, there were yarn vendors too. So I splurged on these hanks of Swedish yarns to make sweaters with. Im still not exactly a super knitter so it will be a challenge for me even with the simple pattern I plan on making. I cant wait to give it a go and couldnt get enough of fondling these great yarns on the way home.

This is the coolest thing yet....its a 1920's model sock making machine. Not really sure of the technical name for it, but it was really awesome to watch.

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