Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Forever On-Going WIP

So far, I love cabling. Ive conquered the task of getting past reading the directions and actually getting the stitches accomplished in the pattern. To me that was a hard one. Once I got the stitching down my biggest problem has been keeping track of which row Im on.... go figure.
Some where in there I have added two extra rows. While I have been mulling this over in my head it has been in limbo. No progress there. Finally, I have decided once again to rip out about 10-15 rows and start from there. Im just gonna have to suck it up! Thats just part of the knitting process. Dont get it right, try and try again. Besides I have to get working on it again soon or Ill forget how to do it! ( new knitter syndrom) It seems like this project is taking me forever...but when I look at the time I have spent on it already its worth the corrections.
Do accomplished knitters have these problems? I think NOT.

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