Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Night Knitting

Above is the original picture I saw that inspired me to make one of these scarves. It just looked so cozy.

... and this is what Ive gotten finished so far on the one Ive started.

Since this was our first night going to the new knitting group, I took two projects that I needed to get started. If I got stuck on one, I could still do the other. Anyway, I ended up starting a whole new project all together. It was on my "someday to do list" .... which I guess was today!
I love the pon pon yarn and wanted to make a scarf that I had seen on someones blog . The directions were given, but the translator lost some of the words used so it was hard to understand. Tonight I found the yarn in coffee colors and had help getting it started. It can be a bit tricky since you are actually only knitting between the pon pons. Super easy and quick once you get the hang of it. Should be finished in no time at all.
(The scarf that was already made up in the shop had three rows across and only used one skein instead of two.)

The knitting group was great... all the gals are really nice! YEAH! So Lora and I are planning on going back next week, and another one of our friends will be joining us too! I cant wait and Im glad to be back in a group. Lots to look forward to. Tonight I also got to see one of the girls do continental style knitting. Her fingers were just flying! Im such a slow knitter maybe I should look into that .....hahaha.

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